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Who would you have to know to achieve what you want to achieve?

Almost every single thing we want in life – from a job to a multi-million dollar investment, from a great love relationship to tickets to the Grammys – can be had by knowing who to ask and how to ask them. Now the secrets to knowing the right people – being part of the “in crowd” – being one of the popular kids is in your hands.

When your team learns the truth about how to connect with people, befriend them, uplift them and help them achieve their goals so they are inspired to help you achieve yours, lives and businesses will change overnight.

Judy Robinett, author of “How to be a Power Connector”, business thought leader, world-renowned speaker, global networking strategist has simplified the strategy for networking effectively – and she can teach it to your audience now.

Your audience will learn things like:

  • How to identify, target and get next to the top people in your industry
  • The critical first step to starting a conversation with the person you most need to meet
  • How to instantly transform an introduction into an opportunity
  • The 5 things to NEVER do or say when first meeting someone
  • Why who you know is a thousand times more important than what you know when you’re on the path to your dreams
  • How to get the funding your startup needs - fast!

Judy Robinett’s unique and practical insights have been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and many other publications. She has spoken at The White House and the National Press Club. Judy customizes her events for your industry and the audience’s authentic needs, making her presentation as unforgettable as it is useful.

Her three core topics are:

Secrets of Power Connecting – How to build meaningful connections, valuable networks and high profit partnerships with the exactly right individuals who can help you achieve your goals.

Networking Your Way to Money – A high-velocity look at how businesses really gain access the trinity of cash: Crowd funding, Angel Investing or Venture Capital. (Hint: who you know matters!)

Female Entrepreneurship – How women business owners get ahead, access capital, leverage the business infrastructure and grow successfully and exponentially.

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“Judy Robinett has written the definitive guide on how to connect with people and develop your contacts into strategic relationships that are both meaningful and profitable. You will never look at meeting someone new the same way again!”

Kathy Zader, president of Go-Givers International

“In business we know that differentiation is the key to a winning strategy. Judy has connected that concept to the criticality of networking. Identifying and creating strategic relationships is paramount to differentiating leaders. Judy’s concepts provide a practical way of thinking through how to do this, and why the return is so high when done well.”

Stephanie Crook, Intel

“You could feel that the whole audience was sitting on the edge of their chairs, listening with great attention to every word. The lecture was filled with sound advice and relevant personal stories. In addition to the content, what made it so powerful was Judy’s personality – sincere, competent and generous. Nothing but authenticity and Judy’s success is a great inspiration.”

Anya Malkiel, Business Leader, VISA